Ramadan 2022: Eid Likely To Begin On May 2nd

by Deeplata Garde
Ramadan 2022: Eid Likely To Begin On May 2nd

Emirates Astronomical Society (EAS), on Tuesday, confirmed that Eid Al Fitr might fall on Monday, May 2nd. Ibrahim Al Jarwan, EAS’ Board Chairman, said that the first day of Shawwal in the Islamic calendar is indicated to fall on May 2, 2022. However, the official date for Eid will soon be confirmed by the UAE-moon sighting committee. The UAE has released this year’s Ramadan working hours for federal government employees. On Monday, the NCEMA released a revised set of COVID-19 rules to maintain throughout Ramadan. The laws include social distancing norms and regulations for visiting iftar tents. What to anticipate from this year’s holy month as the country begins to recover?

COVID Guidelines For The Holy Month

The green permit and face masks will be mandatory to access the iftar tents, according to the NCEMA. To control the admission and departure of individuals, security staff or volunteers will be present at each Ramadan tent. According to NCEMA, prior permission from the Emirates Red Crescent will be necessary to set up iftar tents. The holy month is likely to begin on April 2, but this will confirm when the moon comes insight.

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The approval or rejection of tents depends on the Local Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management committees in each Emirate. In collaboration with ERC, they will also determine the majority of individuals allowed in each tent.

How Will The Pandemic Affect The Design Of Tents

Iftar tents will be accessible only two hours before the iftar (Maghrib prayer). This action implies minimising congestion, according to the new guidelines. UAE undergo extreme temperatures outside. Hence to abide by the essential safety rules and maintain airflow, the tents should be in the shape of an umbrella. This will make the structure open from all sides. Otherwise, they should be air-conditioned.

Utilise only single-use tablecloths, according to the authorities. Only use disposable dishes, glasses, and utensils for the tent. Wear masks all time except while eating or drinking. Earlier this Ramadan, the UAE banned all annual holy month tent licences. It was in favour of the government’s preventative COVID-19 actions.

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