Breaking: UAE Removes Travel Ban For Fully Vaccinated Citizens

by Deeplata Garde
Breaking: UAE Removes Travel Ban For Fully Vaccinated Citizens

Travel has been a constantly debated problem throughout the pandemic. Countries are shifting their plans from pandemic to endemic. So countries are heading towards the removal of travel restrictions. All nations where travel was previously banned, including 12 African countries, are again open to citizens. NCEMA generated a declaration that fully vaccinated individuals with booster doses can travel to 12 African countries. The one’s which had a travel ban in the previous month.

The List Of Countries Where They Observed Travel Ban

Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

This country underwent a lot of travel restrictions due to the rising variant cases of Covid19. The Omicron surge was the major reason behind the ban on these countries. The arrival ban from these 12 countries to UAE saw an upliftment on Jan 29 2022. And this current ban upliftment would be from 6 p.m. on Feb. 6 2022.

NCEMA Guidelines

Even after the announced number of doses, the passengers should follow the basic travel rules. They are inclusive of social distancing, wearing masks and proper sanitization. Apart from the fully vaccinated passengers, only medically exempted cases can travel even if unvaccinated.

The General Civil Aviation Authority have asked the travellers to be extra secure while travelling. And they should be adhering to the guidelines issued by the countries concerned.

Protocols for planes departing from Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda have also been changed. Passengers travelling to the UAE from the 12 countries must do a PCR test 48 hours before departure. You can also pick testing at the departure airport if feasible. And test on landing and observe all safety precautions in the UAE.