Ramadan 2023: 90,000 Meals Distributed At Traffic Lights By Dubai Police For Iftar

by Deeplata Garde
Ramadan 2023: 90,000 Meals Distributed At Traffic Lights By Dubai Police For Iftar

Breaking fast after a long day can make us rush to reach home in time. And many motorists tend to break the speed limit and jump signals owing to the above-mentioned reasons. So in order to limit accidents in UAE during Iftar timings, Dubai Police has distributed 90,000 meals at traffic signals. This beautiful initiative by the Dubai government has helped send the message of fewer accidents this Ramadan across the Emirate.

90,000 Meals Distributed At Traffic Lights By Dubai Police For Iftar

The campaign is titled ‘Ramadan Without Accidents’ by the Dubai Police. The aim is to reduce the Iftar rush and let people maintain a safe speed limit while visiting their homes or Iftar destination during the evening. 90,000 meals are distributed in the first 10 days of Ramadan in the Emirate by Dubai Police. The tradition of distributing meals by the department has been carried out for nine years now. And the reduction of road accident statistics is visibly dropped before the Maghrib prayers in Dubai since then.

According to Dubai police officers, they are dedicated to making it convenient for drivers during this holy month. By controlling traffic and assuring decongestion, they achieve this. They further affirmed that they would ease worshippers’ access to and departure from mosques.

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Ramadan Al Khair!

Dubai Police has introduced another initiative to help the needy during the holy month of Ramadan. The department recently began a community awareness programme called “Ramadan Al Khair” (Ramadan of Goodness). 11,000 Iftar meals will be provided to labourers as part of the initiative during the holy month of Ramadan.

The campaign has multiple motives that include educating labourers about Human rights and establishing a trust factor between the police and the working class of the Emirate. The initiative has been organised by Dubai police in collaboration with Talabat UAE.

74 Volunteers have participated in this initiative from the first day of the noble campaign itself. So if you wish to help the needy through this initiative you can register yourself to participate in the initiative by Dubai Police and Talabat UAE.

Cover Image Courtesy: FB/Dubai Police