Ramadan 2022: Abu Dhabi Announces Parking Timings

Ramadan 2022
by Deeplata Garde
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Since the coronavirus epidemic began in 2020, this will be the third Ramadan. The UAE has published the authorised working hours for federal government workers during Ramadan this year. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has announced parking timings for the holy month of Ramadan. Mawaqif parking fees would be applied as per the current timing, from Saturday to Thursday, from 8 am to 12 am. Parking will be free on Fridays and public holidays.

Government Eployees Can Work Remotely

Government employees can route to remote working. The timings will be 9 a.m to 2.30 p.m Monday through Thursday. On Friday they can work from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation also announced the working hours for the private sector. Employees of private organisations will be allowed to reduce their workday by two hours during the holy month.

The government announced a three-day weekend for the employees in Umm Al Quwain during the holy month of Ramadan. Employees will work from 9 am till 2.30 pm Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will serve as the weekend during Ramadan for government employees in the Emirate.

UAE Government Is Allowing People To Opt For Remote Working In Ramadan

The holy month will probably begin on April 2nd. On Fridays, federal agencies will use flexible and remote working techniques. Remote working will be a priority for those who reside distant from their employers. Also, the ones who have specific circumstances that make travel difficult. Up to 40% of government employees would be able to work from home on Fridays due to the orders. This is the first Ramadan since the UAE established a new working week in 2022. Now Saturdays and Sundays serve as the new weekend.

The official work timings in Sharjah during the holy month of Ramadan would be from 9 am till 2.30 pm. Employees working in shifts have the flexibility to determine working hours accordingly. Sharjah had announced a three-day weekend as the UAE transitioned into a shorter workweek.

When Is Ramadan Starting?

The holy season of Ramadan is all set to begin on Saturday, April 2. Although, the exact date is still not decided. The glimpse of the crescent moon will establish the ultimate date. This will not affect the ordeal of remote working during the holy month.

Similarly, depending on whatever time the new crescent moon is in view, Eid Al Fitr 2022 is predicted to happen on Sunday, May 1.

Why Is Ramadan So Important?

Ramadan is the most significant month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims claim that the Prophet Mohammed received the Quran during this month. Muslims observe a fast from sunrise to sunset, refraining from foods and beverages. Hence remote working and flexible timing are essential topics for the government.

Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslims enhance their belief via devotion and increased Quran recital. The last ten days of the religious festival are the most important. Because they coincide with the moment when the Prophet Mohammed received the Quran.
It is unknown when the incident occurred, but they commemorate it on the 27th night. People state that the benefits for acts of worship performed on this night are greater than the rewards for 1,000 months of prayer.

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