Randeep Hooda Narrates The Tale Of A Quirky Chhole-Kulcha Shop In Amritsar

Randeep shared about this shop in Amritsar that is absolutely against hustle culture.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Randeep Hooda Narrates The Tale Of A Quirky Chhole-Kulcha Shop In Amritsar

Randeep Hooda is known for his phenomenal acting skills and portrayal of characters in a very intense manner. On the recent episode of Tere Gully Mein, Randeep Hooda joined Arohi Thatte to explore the gorgeous lanes of Juhu and gorge on delicious food items. This munda is from Haryana, and his food habits are rooted in North India. Hence, it was only fair that we indulged in Amritsari Chhole Kulcha with him. Let’s go!

Randeep Hooda Enlightened Us With A Quirky Tale From Amritsar

Just as we met up with Randeep Hooda, he kept on saying that he was hungry. It seems like he wanted to dive straight to the point of the day, eating yummy food around Juhu, Mumbai! We wouldn’t blame you, Randeep. So we did just that and went to relish some good Amritsari Chhole Kulcha at Punjab Da Chulah.

Arohi let him know that Punjab Da Chulah is famous for authentic Punjabi food. Upon hearing this, he narrated a story about a kulcha shop in Amritsar. It was located near his hotel, and the shop had its doors shut at around noon or 1 pm. The reason behind it was that the quantity and food supply for the day got over before 1 pm and they would wrap up their work. Yes, the shop was that popular!

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Randeep then went on to talk about how the shopkeeper isn’t being greedy and opening multiple shops or working beyond his food limits for the day. They prefer to earn as much as their supply runs for the day and then start again the next day. Obviously, they have had suggestions to open their shop for longer hours, but that’s not the mentality. It looks like this shop in Amritsar skipped the hustle culture and is living its best life, stress-free! We would like a plate of that, please.

Can This Talented Actor Sing As Well?

Randeep Hooda
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While we were waiting for the food, Randeep Hooda randomly started to sing. Randeep Hooda went on to sing “Teri gully mein,” much inspired by the title of this original episode. Upon asking if he could sing well, he said, “I am a very bad singer.” Then he mentioned that singing songs was never in his culture. The conversation went to Punjab and Haryana when he noticed it was Punjab Da Chulah. He said that these states were divided by their mannerisms and songs. This made the room laugh out loud!

Arohi went on to ask him what he got—the manners or the songs. “Humare pass na manners aaye na gaane ki ability” (neither did I get the manners nor the ability to sing), he replied and burst out in laughter. Then Arohi went on to praise him by saying, “Randeep jaise actors definitely aaye.” We 100% agree, Arohi!

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Comment below if you love to gorge on Amritsari Chhole Kulchas. Did you ever visit Punjab Da Chulah in Juhu?

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