Randeep Hooda Shares His Craziest Travel Story

Randeep Hooda shared a crazy incident that occurred during this time at the Venice Film Festival!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Randeep Hooda Shares His Craziest Travel Story

The immensely talented and sweet Randeep Hooda was interviewed by our anchor, Arohi Thatte on this episode of Tere Gully Mein. We were excited to eat some of his favourite Amritsari chhole kulche and kulfis and we conversed about his stay in Iraq, his love for Mumbai’s Versova and much more. We also learned about one of his craziest travel stories. Do you want to know about his crazy story, then read on.

Randeep Hooda Told Us One Of His Craziest Travel Stories

Randeep Hooda truly has one of the craziest travel stories to tell and indeed it was one of the craziest ones we have heard so far. He enlightened us during his time at the Venice Film Festival. He told us that he went to a nice beach party which was hosted in Venice. The interesting part comes here, he continued that he woke up a day and a half later in Rome! He couldn’t help but laugh out loud just as he finished the sentence.

Arohi was astonished and went on to ask him whether he remembered anything from this crazy incident. He said that although he could remember some of those incidents, he most likely wouldn’t talk about them. Now, we are thinking about the illicit nature of the behaviour he indulged in. Or is this story crazier than we think it is? We didn’t pry on this topic much and let him enjoy chhole kulcha.

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He Can Prepare A Full Meal

Randeep Hooda
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Randeep Hooda shared that he likes to eat home-cooked food, so we questioned him whether he could cook food. He said that his father and mother taught him to cook food before he went off to college in Australia. His dad was the prime instigator behind the idea of learning to cook because his father told him it was better to engage in cooking than be under bad influence during idle hours.

Randeep Hooda said that he was taught rotis, rice, dal, and sabzi. That is a proper meal and having the luxury to eat home-cooked food when you are away from home is a great feeling in itself! He also told us that he would indeed be a great chef if he picked up cooking again. We would love to see that and even taste it!

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