Randeep Hooda Visits THIS Kulfi Shop In Juhu To Enjoy Some Delish Desserts

Randeep Hooda ate a chocolate kulfi and he prefers this flavour.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Randeep Hooda Visits THIS Kulfi Shop In Juhu To Enjoy Some Delish Desserts

Randeep Hooda accompanied our anchor, Arohi Thatte, on a recent edition of Tere Gully Mein as they strolled through the lanes of Juhu, Mumbai for some delicious food. We ended our segment by having some great kulfi at Joshh Kulfi in Juhu while chatting about sports, him being a national champion, and more. Catch the entire video live on the YouTube channel to learn more about him.

Randeep Hooda Had Kulfi At This Shop In Juhu 

Randeep Hooda and Arohi ate their hearts out at Juhu’s Punjab Da Chulah. Then, with hearts and stomachs full they went to walk on Juhu Tara Road and headed over to Joshh Kulfi. Because sweet tooth cravings never hurt anyone, definitely not them. On the way, they met some of his fans, took selfies and then took an auto to the destination. He nicely chatted with the autowala bhaiya as well.

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Arohi was the lucky girl who got to enjoy, and we are quoting here, a “Kulfi date” with Randeep Hooda. Arohi went for a nutty pista Kulfi and Randeep went for a Chocolate Kulfi. Both of their kulfis were shaped like a star and Randeep’s was covered with chocolate layer and chips. He relished it, one big bite at a time! 

He Is A National Campion For…

Randeep Hooda
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A lot of people need to be made aware of the fact that Randeep Hooda is a national champion in equestrian sports! Equestrian sports are related to horse riding and has received medals in Mumbai and Delhi. It is not very popular in India. But he did tell us that he follows the sport religiously and it is popular abroad.

Randeep shared that recently he got two horses for sports and one of them was born a week ago. He said, “I am calling him Veer.” Arohi went on to ask him which one was his favourite horse and he replied, “Ranjeet.”

It is now 21 years old and is in no shape for equestrian sports. He would love to ride him again if he could but he can’t on account of his old age.

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Comment down below if you have ever been to Joshh Kulfi.

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