Randeep Hooda Shares An Interesting Trivia About Iraq & We’re Shocked!

Randeep Hooda recalled some of his childhood memories of Iraq.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Randeep Hooda Shares An Interesting Trivia About Iraq & We’re Shocked!

On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Randeep Hooda joined our anchor, Arohi Thatte, in Juhu, Mumbai. They relished delish Amritsari kulchas which made him recall his hometown, Haryana. On the topic of travel, we discovered he spent a couple of his summer vacations in Iraq and he learned and experienced a lot of different stuff. One of them was that earlier, citizens of Iraq never used to buy a lock. Interesting no?

Randeep Hooda Told Us This Thing About Iraq And We Couldnt Believe It

While we were on the topic of Randeep Hooda’s favourite destinations, he let us know that he has been to Iraq and Libya a couple of times during his childhood to visit his parents. We clearly did not expect that and were happy to have gathered this information. He told us that it was actually very great to be in these deserted countries. 

What he told us next blew our minds! We were taken aback and shocked and hoping you would have the same reaction to this information. “You could not buy a lock in Iraq,” he remarked. He continued that there was no reason to lock your house or anything else, therefore you cannot go out and get a lock. Nothing was taken by anyone. Arohi was shocked that she could only ask him if he was serious. He answered, “Yeah, that was Iraq!” to that. 

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The Indians are probably squinting at this or rereading to check if they read it right. We are only satisfied if we have put multiple locks at every gate and checked numerous times if everything was locked correctly or not. Still, there is that thought that keeps bugging Indians at the back of their minds ‘Did we lock the door correctly?’

He Recounted Another Story And It Was During The Month Of Ramzan

Randeep Hooda
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It seemed like Randeep Hooda had great memories from spending some time in Iraq. But before we could mention this, the conversation quickly took a turn. Randeep continued that it was only during the Ramzan that they used to visit Iraq because it was the summer holidays for him.

He said that they would go on picnics but his parents couldn’t plan to go out for food. That was because in Iraq, during Ramzan you are not allowed to consume anything even if you’re not a Muslim. Ramzan is a holy month when people who follow Islam fast from sunrise till sunset. 

Randeep Hooda went on to narrate the story that they would prepare small meals and have them in the car sneakily. But even though they were sneaky about it, they got some harsh treatment, once they were caught. Want to guess what? (No they did not get thrashed for it.) He told us, “So people used to come and spit on our car if they saw (them sneakily eating).” Damn.

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Comment down below if you have any similar instances when you went to a new country.

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