Rasgulla Chai Is The Latest Food Trend Leaving Internet Confused

by Vinita Jain
Rasgulla Chai Is The Latest Food Trend Leaving Internet Confused

There’s no shortage of enthusiasm around the world when it comes to food experiments. Yes, once in a while we encounter a weird food experiment that leaves us stunned. Recently, a short video clip of a street stall vendor went viral and left the netizens baffled. He was seen making rasgulla chai. Yes, you read that right. Softly soaked in sugar syrup, fluffy and spongy rasgullas were dipped in a kulhad chai.

Fluffy Rasgullas Dipped In Masala Tea

Kolkatadelites uploaded this video on their Instagram handle. He was seen preparing this bizarre food combination by making kulhad chai with all the regular ingredients like tea leaves, sugar, milk, and masala. Later he took a portion of rasgulla and puts it into the kulhad. And just to increase the bizarreness he tops the kulhad chai with a butter cube.

Check out the full video here:

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Perhaps, it’s one of the shocking food experiments of the year because, for all the Bengali folks, Rosh Gulla is an emotion.  Whether it’s a festival, wedding, or just a simple gathering, Rosh Gulla is a must in most Bengali households to round off the occasion on a sweet note. But witnessing this bizarre food experiment in Kolkata left netizens confused.

This stall Chumuke Chomok is beside the South City Mall, Kolkata. And one cup of Roshogulla tea costs around 35 bucks.

The Video Received Mixed Responses From Netizens

Since this video was uploaded, it has received 748K views, 12.1K likes, and over 1,000 comments. Take a look at some of the reactions.

One user commented “Ek samay ayega jab humko paani mai namak mirch dalke pilaya jayega.” Another user wrote, “The question is … WHY?”. A user also commented, “This dish was discovered by my grandfather 30 years ago. He still does this.” Gorge on baked rasgullas at this eatery in Delhi

While many others raised questions on the vendor for making this weird recipe. To which the Chumuke Chomok (the vendor) replied “Whatever comment you all wish to write… you can it’s your basic right but would like to request you to try it once… maybe the opinion can change.”

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