This Delhi Eatery’s Rasgulla Chaat With Tamarind & Yoghurt Is Making Us Cringe!

Rasgulla Chaat
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal422

A fluffy, spongy rasgulla delicately dipped in sugar syrup is pure delight. Isn’t so? But wait, someone just poured dahi and tamarind chutney on our favourite rasgullas! Believe it or not, Rasgulla Chaat is the newest addition to the bizarre food trends and netizens are utterly bewildered. A short video clip of the chaat is now doing rounds on social media and it’s grabbing hilarious reactions. The dish is actually from an eatery in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, popularly known as Disc Break Wali Chaat.

Juicy Rasgullas Sprinkled With Chaat Masala

In the video, we see the food vendor cutting the rasgulla into pieces and sprinkling chaat masala over it. The rasgulla pieces are then topped with dahi and sweet chutney and loaded with dry fruits like cashew and almonds. In the end, the vendor puts more sweet chutney on top and serves the dish. Twitter user @KaptanHindostan uploaded the video and wrote, “We are doomed. Rasgulla chaat!!”

The short clip has been cut out from a video uploaded earlier on YouTube channel Sadi Gaddi. The chaat corner selling this strange combination is nestled in Gurunanak Market of Karol Bagh.

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Netizens Call The Dish ‘Apocalyptic’

Soon after the video was uploaded, its comments section got flooded with the funniest remarks. One user mocked, Shocking! Isme Cheese aur butter ad karna bhul gaye?. Another wrote, “Sacrilege!!! This is apocalyptic dish!” Yet another commented, “Chilli sauce bhi bhool gaye…”. One shared, “Yeh Gunah Hai”. Another wrote, “Bhai this can’t be true It’s my favorite sweet.” And we’re imagining how Bengalis would react after seeing the video.

Rasgulla Chaat

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Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on this unique dish? Let us know in the comments section below.


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