Rat Swimming In Chutney At A Hyderabad University Mess; Students Demand Authorities To Take Stringent Actions

Students of a university in Hyderabad have shared videos of a rat in a chutney that was served at the university’s mess.

by Tashika Tyagi
Rat Swimming In Chutney At A Hyderabad University Mess; Students Demand Authorities To Take Stringent Actions

People have joked about food served in hostels since time immemorial. But this case in a university in Hyderabad is deeply concerning. Students of JNTUH University College of Engineering Sultanpur found a live rat swimming in a chutney vessel in their mess kitchen. They took videos and photos of this and posted about it on social media to bring the matter into the spotlight. What’s even more concerning is that it is not the first time the students have found suspicious things in the food. Read on to know more.

Rat Found In Chutney Served At A University In Hyderabad

Students of JNTUH University College of Engineering Sultanpur in Hyderabad found a rat swimming in the chutney kept in a huge vessel in the mess’s kitchen. The shocked students were quick to take photos and videos of the vessel with the rat and posted about it on social media.

In the disturbing video, you can see a live rat running and swimming around the chutney in the big vessel. The students posted the videos on X (formerly Twitter) and tagged the food and health safety departments of the state to look into this matter at the earliest. This raises questions about the quality of food, hygiene, and safety of students in the university and how the authorities are being neglectful.

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Students Earlier Found Insects In Food; Demand Stringent Action

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Image Courtesy: X/@330Kanth41161 & X/@335_jani

According to a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), it has been noted that this isn’t the first time that students in this Hyderabad university found suspicious things in their food. A few days back, a student found a dead insect in the food served to him. Before that, students also found bugs inside some fried food that was served in the university mess.

According to a Times of India report from June 30, the Telangana Food and Safety department raided the university mess. They found rats and unhygienic practices in the mess kitchen and even found rotten food there. They had then issued a notice against them. But it seems like not much has changed since.

Here’s what netizens had to say about this whole matter.

Of course, there were some Ratatouille references in the comments as well!

This is a really concerning matter. Student’s health is no joke and the university authorities need to take some actions to ensure proper nutrition and hygiene in the mess. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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