Heal Yourself With A Luxury Getaway At Naad Wellness

by Anvi Doshi
Heal Yourself With A Luxury Getaway At Naad Wellness

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Think of a unique healing experience that’s based on the nurturing wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy in the form of a luxury getaway, an hour’s hop from Delhi.

What Is It?

Naad Wellness offers curated experiences to help you take the path towards holistic well-being. The journey begins with a personal consultation with an in-house doctor who charts a wellness plan specific to your needs. Entailing daily yoga practice along with a varied range of Ayurvedic and Naturopathic experiences such as Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Turkish Hammam, Therapeutic Massage and more.

What’s In It?

A three-day wellness retreat that is enriched in luxury, Naad Wellness ensures you take that very first step towards leading a more holistic life. Think of mornings practicing aerial yoga in the Yoga Pavilion and ending the day with a relaxing facial conducted to suit your individual skin type — yup, it DOES sound nice!

Unwind In The Soothing Himalayan Salt Cave

For us city folks who haven’t had a whiff of clean air in a while, sitting in this Himalayan Salt Cave is nothing short of a blissful respite. Known to help in curing a range of respiratory disorders, this salt cave helps you calm your nerves and breathe in pure air, minus all the traffic fumes we inhale on a daily basis.

Experience A Traditional Turkish Hamman

Take an easy, calming dip in a traditional Turkish Hamman amidst the soothing light of scented candles. With steam and the ambient tones of lapping water, nothing feels better than washing your worries away.

Tread On The Yin and Yang Inspired Walking Path

Inspired by the Yin and Yang, the retreat’s reflexology walking path is perfect to reconnect with the earth’s natural surface. The path has specifically placed rounded pebbles to gently ease the tensed nerves in the soles of your feet.

However, if you’d rather not do the hard work, you can head for a foot reflexology session where you might just snooze away as you relax. (= the perfect way of being a ‘healthy’ potato)

Savour Delicious Holistic Meals

Every meal in this wellness retreat is curated specially to match the unique needs of your body. The cuisine is based on the principles of Ayurveda and tend to cleanse your system, inside out. Slurp on fresh juices, date and almond sweet treats (doubled up as desserts) and salads that are finger-licking good! Every meal is vegetarian, seasonal, wholesome, organic and the perfect cleanse for your system.

A visit to Naad Wellness is incomplete if you aren’t leaving the premises with a smile on your face, relaxed and ready to reconnect with yourself and the world outside.

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This article is written in partnership with Naad Wellness, Delhi.