Relish Authentic Home-Style Maharashtrian Thali At 1BHK In Mumbai

by Kritika Kukreja
Relish Authentic Home-Style Maharashtrian Thali At 1BHK In Mumbai

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Gear up, Mumbai’s foodies, because the authentic Maharashtrian thali at 1BHK in Oshiwara will blow your mind.

What Is It?

The culinary heart of aamchi Mumbai lies in its authentic Maharashtrian cuisine and to reach out to every foodie’s heart in the city, 1BHK (Brew House Kitchen) introduces Maharashtrian Set Lunch Thali from Mondays to Thursdays. So dive into the most delicious Maharashtrian combinations that you must try if you really want to taste the true flavors of the cuisine.

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What’s In It?

Start your Maharashtrian set menu lunch meal with appetizing starters like Kothimbir Wadi (Traditional crispy maharashtrian snack majorly flavoured with fresh coriander and sesame seeds), Bread and Rice preparations like Rice Bhakri & Steam Rice to go along with accompaniments like Takachi Mirchi (A spicy and tangy accompaniment to pair with every konkani meal and a great technique of preservation utilized by the konkani tribe in summers),Mirchi Dahi (A blend off tempered yogurt with home-style preserved chili pickle) & Raw Mango & Papaya Salad. For the vegetarians, you can choose from a wide range from Malvani Kalya Chanancha Sambar (Traditional malvani black lentil preparation enhanced by almost-burnt fresh coconut and aromatic spices) to Bharleli Vaangi ( Typical Maharashtrian delicacy featuring stuffed baby aubergines which are slowly cooked in a tangy-spicy peanut based gravy) and Massorachi Amti (A regional favorite amongst CKP ( Chandraseniya kayastha Prabhu ) a sub-caste of Kshatriyas in Maharashtra. Usually prepared with whole brown masoor dal which is slowly simmered with kokum and a good amount off garlic and chili).

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Non-vegetarians can indulge in Saoji Chicken Curry(A home-style version of chicken curry cooked by Saoji community from Nagpur. Known for its fieriness and aromatic’s) to Sukka Chicken. This exhaustive, lip-smacking list of all the favourite meal combinations of Maharashtrian people is sure to tempt you! End your meal on a sweet note with Maharashtrian traditional festival dessert- Ukdiche Modak(Steamed or fried modak is a popular sweet all over Maharashtra.Consisting a sweet filling on the inside of freshly grated coconut and jaggery while the outer soft shell is made with rice flour).


What: Maharashtrian Set Lunch Thali at 1BHK
Where: 1BHK – Brew House Kitchen, Ground Floor, Next to Meera Towers,
BST Colony Rd, Oshiwara, Andheri (W)
When: Mondays to Thursdays
Time:  12:00 PM TO 4:00 PM
Price: Veg – Rs.525 & Non Veg -Rs.655 all inclusive
For Reservations: 022 – 33956183

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