Relish Taco Ice Creams At This Mumbai Food Joint And Enjoy Free Crushers With Waffles

by Sanmita A
Relish Taco Ice Creams At This Mumbai Food Joint And Enjoy Free Crushers With Waffles

Before you decide to skip reading this, we are asking you to be a little patient if you are a Mumbaikar and a hardcore foodie. This version of ice cream is unlike the ones that you savour almost every day. It is one, that you must try. Sincerely, if you try and experiment with food, life becomes a lot better, interesting and have a lot of stories to tell. So, as you prep for the upcoming weekend, why not relish some ice creams, not in cones or cups, but on tacos? Yes, taco ice creams are the new thing that you will spot at this food joint in Mumbai.

Taco Ice Creams For The Kid In You!

Gelassimo in Mumbai opened a few weeks back and has caught the attention of dessert lovers in the city. They are serving customers delicious combinations and options of gelato. And, welcoming both the young and old in their store. We also found that they are serving taco ice creams, the fusion of crunch and cream. So so delicious! Additionally, Gelassimois also serves Free Crushers with their waffles. You will be tempted to try their waffles once you see them.

Well, take a look below!


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Also, all their taco ice creams are prepared with in-house ingredients..fresh & tasty! So, you are making no compromises regarding the quality of the gelatos that’ll be served to you.

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Where To Find This Mumbai Gelato Joint?

Since they have just entered the Mumbai food and dessert market, it is obvious that they will do it all to attract more customers. This means, great and profitable offers – for YOU! You spend smartly and enjoy great taco ice creams which are rare and unique. To be true, found in only a few food joints in Mumbai. So, don’t think much, and head to this gelato joint in Mumbai.

Off Linking Road, 24th road, Opp Coffee by Di Bella, Bandra

Do let us know, how did you enjoy the unique gelato flavours from Gelassimo.

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