Renew Vehicle Registration In Dubai Without Clearing Fines

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Renew Vehicle Registration In Dubai Without Clearing Fines

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Dubai motorists can now renew their vehicle’s registration without clearing prior fines, thanks to the new initiative by the Dubai police. 

What’s It?

Good news for Dubai drivers! Motorists can now renew their vehicle registration without clearing off traffic fines, thanks to the new initiative launched by the Dubai Police. 

The new initiative lets you renew your registration, without worrying about clearing your fines all at once.

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Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, chief of Dubai Police, said: “We have coordinated with the Roads and Transport Authority to allow individuals to renew their vehicle’s registration automatically regardless of accumulated fines or any periods of confiscation imposed on vehicles, or offences committed. We want the public to benefit from the discount initiative.”

Further, motorists who haven’t committed any traffic violations for three months, get a 25% discount on the fine. Those who have clear records for six months get 50% off while those with a clean record for a year get 75% off. 

However, drivers belonging to other emirates, and those with other RTA fines will have to clear their dues before renewing the vehicle’s registration. Also, parking and Salik fines will not be included as part of the initiative. 

What Else?

Meanwhile, soon, residents can rent GPS-operated cycles in Dubai, thanks to the government’s new initiative with Careem. Over 3500 bikes will be launched in the city, in a bid to promote a healthier lifestyle.