Rent An Island At Unbelievable Prices! Vinni’s Farm In Kerala Is A Private Island At Your Disposal

by Vidisha Khaitan
Rent An Island At Unbelievable Prices! Vinni’s Farm In Kerala Is A Private Island At Your Disposal

Curly Tales has found a whole world that could be yours. You could have an entire island all to yourself and unwind like never before since no one is looking, because no one is there. Vinni’s Farm: a humble name to a dreamy place. This private island in Kollam, Kerala will transport you to a scene in Lost.

What is it

The farm house is in the middle of an independent private island, floating to freedom. It’s in the middle of Kerala backwaters. It’s a huge farm that you can have completely to yourself. No other guests will share the space with you. Make it the romantic getaway you have been missing; take your family; or just treat yourself.

private island
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What’s more

The roof of the luxury villa is maintained by a welcoming host willing to go to any lengths to make your stay comfortable. You can access organic garden vegetables, courtesy of the owner. A 24-hour butler will be at your service at the private island if you like to be alone in style. Wanderers can also indulge in water sports and fishing. You can take a canoe to explore nearby areas or just to explore the famous Kerala backwaters.

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We have always dreamt of sun, sand and seas, all to ourselves. Being the only person in the whole world is a feeling we crave every day in the Delhi metro. Work and life means sharing it with people. So, even when we take vacations, we try to get a whiff of the local culture and discover the place as if it were our own. But wait. What if, and this is a big what if, what if we were actually the only one in the whole world? What if we entire lands belonged only to us. No talking, no haggling, no bargaining, no talk, just yourself, doesn’t that sound like a peachy dream? Haven’t we always made your dreams come true? Or at least led you to the path that will. Go ahead and declare to the world from the corner of your ship: “I am the King of the world.” Soon you will feel like one at this private island!

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Where: Kollam, Kerala, India

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