Restaurant Staff & Family Brawl Over Service Charge In Noida Mall; Watch The Video

by Tooba Shaikh
Restaurant Staff & Family Brawl Over Service Charge In Noida Mall; Watch The Video

Dining out with family is one of the most fun experiences that you can have. However, things might have not gone as planned on many of your family nights. Maybe you didn’t find seats at your favourite restaurant, maybe the staff was rude. Whatever your experience might have been, we’re willing to bet that it wasn’t worse than what we’re about to report. This family had a full-blown brawl with the restaurant staff over service charges in a Noida Mall. Here are the deets.

Restaurant Staff Brawls With Family Over Service Charge In Noida Mall

According to what one of the family members posted on their Twitter account, they went to a restaurant called Float by Duty-Free in the Spectrum Mall located in Sector 75 of Noida. One of the tweets mentioned that the restaurant refused to serve some of the items that the family initially ordered.

Nevertheless, they proceeded with their evening and ordered some other things. When the bill arrived, they asked for the service charges to be removed but were again refused. This led to a verbal argument between the family members and the restaurant which soon turned into a full-blown brawl.

Members of the family took to Twitter and narrated their horrifying experience with the restaurant staff. The narrations posted on the micro-blogging website were supplemented with pictures and videos of the incident.

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FIR Reported Against Restaurant Staff

Multiple portals reported that a First Information Report or FIR has been made against the staff of the restaurant. The Deputy Commissioner of the Noida Police, Harish Chander also assured that all those who have been involved in the incident and physically assaulted the family members will be brought to justice.

The issue of Service Charges is one that is frequently debated. Many people who are against it state that restaurants should charge whatever they want for the dishes and mention the total price of a dish on the menu upfront rather than sneakily adding it after the dish has been ordered.

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Cover Image Credits: @Sunita57356434/Twitter