Restaurants & Shops At The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah Slapped With Eviction Notice

by Deeplata Garde
Restaurants & Shops At The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah Slapped With Eviction Notice

The Pointe has announced its closure and sources have stated it’s scheduled to undergo a major redevelopment. Nakheel developers have confirmed the news to Khaleej Times. In light of this redevelopment, the tenants have been asked to vacate the space. Restaurants and shops slapped with eviction notices.

Restaurants & Shops At The Pointe Have Been Served With Eviction Notice


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The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah will soon be undergoing redevelopment and the tenants have been asked to vacate and relocate the space. The eviction notice has mentioned 12 months for the tenants to leave the premises. Nakheel Developers has ensured us that they have been working closely with the tenants during this challenging period.

But there are certain tenants who are denying this. They are left frustrated with such irrational decisions of Nakheel Developers. Many restaurants have complained about not being involved during the decision-making process by the developer group. The owners and hoteliers are left with no option but to vacate the premises in a jiffy.

The redevelopment of the Pointe demanded the closure of the Fountain. The fountain shut down on 15th May announcing it on social media. The five-year-old mixed-use building is next to the Atlantis The Palm Hotel on the famous Palm Jumeirah.

It is a well-liked sight in Dubai and is known for its record-breaking fountain and various beachside food establishments. So tourists, if you are planning to visit the Fountain, cancel it as it has already been shut down.

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What Will Be Operational After Redevelopment?


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Nakheel’s Spokesperson hasn’t offered any clarified statement regarding the post-redevelopment operations. Will Nakheel take over the commercial spaces or turn them into a residential project? All these questions are unanswered yet.

Nakheel is ensuring a smooth transition for tenants during this difficult phase of vacating the space and finding another location.

Are you planning on visiting the restaurants at the Pointe before they shut down? Then make sure you take the monorail instead of driving down there to avoid traffic.

Also, keep an eye out for further updates regarding this redevelopment project. We might get some new whether it would turn into a commercial or residential space.

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