Right In The Middle Of A Vibrant Rubber Plantation, Stay At This Colonial Bungalow in Kerala

Explore lush woods, relish opulent rooms, and experience nature's tranquility—all woven into an unforgettable stay at this historic sanctuary.

by Mallika Khurana
Right In The Middle Of A Vibrant Rubber Plantation, Stay At This Colonial Bungalow in Kerala

Tucked away within the sprawling embrace of a lush rubber plantation lies a hidden treasure—the Nellari Heritage Bungalow. A veritable time capsule amidst nature’s grandeur, this enchanting abode stands as a sentinel to a bygone era, inviting travellers to step into a world where history, luxury, and serenity converge in a harmonious symphony. Imagine a journey where every step unveils whispers of the past and every corner holds secrets waiting to be discovered—a sojourn at Nellari Heritage Bungalow is nothing short of a captivating odyssey into a realm where time seems to pause, inviting you to immerse yourself in its captivating allure.

Unveiling The Majesty Of Nellari Heritage Bungalow

In the heart of an expansive rubber plantation, where the lush greenery seems to stretch endlessly, there lies a hidden gem—the Nellari Heritage Bungalow. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to an era long past, exuding an air of mystique and sophistication that beckons travellers from far and wide.

It feels like a historical treasure trove when you approach the bungalow. Its exterior, covered in ancient and creeping vines, speaks of bygone eras and acts as a silent record of time passing. Magnificence unfurls as one crosses the threshold. The grand hallway, with its elaborate details, carries the sound of old-fashioned laughter.

Embrace History At This Hidden Gem

Guardians of tradition, the antique fixtures in the dining hall exude elegance and stand as a sanctuary. Here, guests are surrounded by a timeless atmosphere where stories from the past blend into the present to create a rich tapestry of experiences.

The bedrooms, which are havens of repose and renewal, are located beyond the hallways. Reminiscent of an earlier aristocratic period, the deluxe rooms are large and majestic. Their lavishness envelops visitors, providing a taste of opulent living in the peaceful plantation setting. The standard rooms, on the other hand, are smaller but still have a certain charm about them; there is warmth and personality in every corner.

Nestled within every bedroom are state-of-the-art bathrooms that feature retro accents and contemporary conveniences. Here, visitors are soothed and comfortable while enjoying a flawless fusion of indulgence and utility.

Trek Through The Plantation For A Tranquil Retreat

Inside and outside its walls, Nellari Heritage Bungalow is enchanting. The expansive forests, a natural playground full of marvels, invite visitors to explore and learn. People who stroll through the plantation are serenaded by the sound of rustling leaves and singing birds. It provides a haven from the chaos of the outside world.

Although it is situated at a respectful distance, the caretaker’s residence is evidence of the careful consideration and care given to the privacy of visitors. However, their unwavering assistance makes sure that every need is satisfied. It certainly heightens the enchanted experience by providing a sense of security.

Nellari Heritage Bungalow is more than just a place to stay. It is an immersive experience that opens doors to a world where luxury, history, and the natural world converge. 

Where: Valannoor, Kerala
Check-in time: 1 pm onwards
Cost: ₹20,000/night

Cover Image Courtesy: Airbnb/Website

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