Don’t Want To Work After Hours? Here’s Right To Disconnect

by Kritika Kukreja
Don’t Want To Work After Hours? Here’s Right To Disconnect

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In a country where overtime work is as normal as breathing, Indian laws are becoming more strict regarding after hour work calls and emails. 

What Is It?

The new year’s got good news for Indian employees who have a tough time disconnecting after work hours. To strike the right work-life balance in our lives, NCP MP Supriya Sule has recently introduced the Right To Disconnect Bill in the Lok Sabha. Although, the bill was introduced by a private member, it has started a country wide debate on welfare of employees after giving in 8-9 hours of work in the day. 

We’re all aware of the stress employees face due to calls or emails after hours or on holidays. It can lead to stress related conditions and eventual loss in productivity. If the bill is passed, the work environment will be more relaxed and employees will be able exercise their right to disconnect.

Right to disconnect

What Do We Know?

Currently, the Employee Welfare Authority is analysing the impact of prolonged work hours on employees. Post that, a employee-employer negotiation will have to be sorted and it will be taking 2 paths – for Corporate companies and Private companies. 

For Corporate level companies with higher number of employees, strict rules will be applicable for contacting the employees after hours. But with companies having 10 or more employees, a periodic revision with respect to employee-employer negotiation will be done. They will also be creating a Employee Welfare Committee that will be represented by a member of the team.

Once the Right To Disconnect Bill is passed, it will lead to a better work-life balance.

Right to disconnect