Rihanna All Set To Perform In Mumbai This October

by Anvi Doshi
Rihanna All Set To Perform In Mumbai This October

Breathe, breathe, breathe…

But we CAN’T! Because Bad Girl RiRi is coming to Mumbai this October with her very first concert!

Details Please!!!

All we can let you in on is this: Rihanna’s coming to town for her first ever India tour and she’ll be performing in Mumbai on the 19th of October! From the likes of Justin Beiber and (*drool*) Ed Sheeran coming down to soothe all our hungry musical hearts, it’s RiRi we’re going to be seeing this year!

Photo: W Magazine

Reported to a leading daily publication, a source of the singer’s team confirmed the news with this, “Yes, Rihanna will be coming to India for the first time this year and will be performing in Mumbai.”

We’re Praying For…

… just letting out our umbrellas and dancing under them as RiRi reminds of all the ‘whys’ we love her for. Our thoughts are definitely running ‘wild, wild, wild’ with anticipation of the numbers that our favorite queen will perform live!