Ripe Market Is Coming Back To Dubai This Fall & We Can’t For October To Arrive Sooner

Ripe Market Dubai
by Anupriya Mishra

Dubai is not just a place where people can visit all the world-famous landmarks in the country, but it’s also where you will find exciting cultural events that draw in crowds of people. One such exciting outdoor event that’s popular in the emirate is the Ripe Market. The weekend market offers everything from cultural events to a space where visitors can shop or eat while promoting local businesses. And if you have also been waiting to attend this buzzing marketplace once again, then you are in for some brilliant news as it’s returning this October.

Ripe Market To Return In October


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As the temperature goes down in the UAE gradually, people are starting to go out and visit all the popular attractions that open during the fall. And one of the popular attractions happens to be Ripe Market. It was recently announced on the official Instagram handle of the market that it’s returning to Academy Park for the next season on October 14, Saturday.

Expected to be bigger and better than the previous editions, this market is going to be double in size for the season. This means you might get to see a larger greener space, an adventure zone with exciting activities like zip lining and even a skate park. Offering everything from workshops and live music to educational activities and even a petting zoo, this homegrown market has come a long way from just selling organic food and vegetables.

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What More Can You Expect At This Homegrown Market?


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In case you aren’t aware, Ripe Market is a famous outdoor market that offers homegrown food, crafts, and goods. This family-friendly entertainment arena comes alive every weekend between 9 AM to 9 PM. A celebration of local living visitors here will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options, shopping, and even community stocks that promote local businesses. While there’s not a lot of information about the programmes and events scheduled at the market, it is expected that there will be exciting events, which will see the return of popular ones like Mom & Baby and Pages In The Park.

So, if you are also curious about what more you can expect from this season, stay tuned to this space as we will give you all the necessary details.

Where: Academy Park Dubai
October 14

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