Roman Emperor Nero’s Theatre Found At Four Seasons’s Garden, Steps Away From Vatican City

by Shreya Rathod
Roman Emperor Nero’s Theatre Found At Four Seasons’s Garden, Steps Away From Vatican City

Emperor Nero was the fifth emperor of the Roman Empire and a popular one among his subjects. However, he was often described as tyrannical and self-indulgent. And how can we forget the quote on him playing the fiddle while Rome burnt? Recently, archaeologists discovered his private theatre on the premises of the future Four Seasons Hotel, specifically in the garden area. Here are the details of Emperor Nero’s theatre.

Emperor Nero’s Theatre Found On The Land Of Four Seasons Hotel

Archaeologists have reportedly discovered the long-lost remnants of Nero’s imperial theatre beneath a hotel garden in Rome. Pliny the Elder, an early Roman author and philosopher, was the main source of references to Nero’s Theatre. However, it was never discovered and only mentioned in ancient Roman documents.

Since 2020, archaeologists have been conducting extensive excavations deep within the Palazzo della Rovere’s walled garden as part of the building’s frescoed Renaissance repairs. Along the wide Via della Conciliazione that leads to Saint Peter’s Square close to the Vatican, the palazzo occupies a whole city block.

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Exceptional Findings On The Site

The Four Seasons Hotel rents the space from the historic Vatican chivalric order. Additionally, it occupies it to support Christians in the Holy Land. As per the officials, the findings are exceptional. In fact, they offer a unique glimpse at a period of Roman history from the Roman Empire to the fifteenth century AD.

Since so little is known about this era in Rome, the discoveries include remarkable pottery and glassware from the 10th century AD. Only seven glass chalices from that time period had previously been discovered, according to Marzia Di Mento, the site’s chief archaeologist, and the excavations of this particular site produced seven more.

According to her, they discovered marble columns that were probably part of the stage decorations for the theatre and are of considerable worth. The discovery of plaster with gold-leaf decorations by the archaeologists also led them to believe that Nero’s Theatre, which was situated at the location immediately off the Tiber River, was actually there.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons