Rome Vacationers, Here Are The Things Illegal To Do In The Eternal City

by Suchismita Pal
Rome Vacationers, Here Are The Things Illegal To Do In The Eternal City

The marvellous cityscape of Rome can inspire the awe of every traveller. The Italian capital is home to the iconic Colosseum, the Vatican Museums and the world’s largest church St. Peter’s Basilica, among other attractions. But before visiting Rome, tourists must be aware that the city has some strict decorum rules related to travel, violating which can attract hefty fines. Recently, a 55-year-old traveller had to pay a penalty amount of €450 (₹36,079) for eating and drinking at Rome’s Catecumeni Fountain. Earlier, a Saudi Arabian man was fined for driving down his car on the Spanish Steps. Here is a list of 10 things that are illegal in Rome:

Things That Are Illegal In Rome

1. Eating Out At Tourist Spots

As the incident mentioned above already suggested, eating and drinking at tourist spots is a big no-no in Rome. You cannot gorge on food at the iconic landmarks of Rome. The authority has imposed this law to eliminate littering issues and keep the tourist spots clean.

Things Illegal Rome
Picture Credits: Unsplash

2. Using Wheeled Suitcases

This rule might surprise you, but tourists are banned from using wheeled suitcases and even wheelchairs along the steps of prominent Roman landmarks like the Spanish Steps and Ara Coeli church. Two Americans who had damaged the antique steps with electric scooters had been fined by the police.

3. Sitting On Spanish Steps

Not only is rolling suitcases on the Spanish Steps banned, but sitting on them can also draw a fine of around $450 ( nearly ₹35,849.48). The 18th-century structure underwent a renovation for a whopping $1.7-million.

Things Illegal Rome
Picture Credits: Unsplash

4. Taking Bath In The Fountains

Seeing the cascading fountains of Rome, don’t get excited and take a plunge into them. You can attract a fine as thumping as $502 ( nearly $39,996.35).

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5. Drinking Fountain Water In The Wrong Way

Ever wondered that drinking water in a certain way can also get you fined? It can, when you’re in Rome. If you touch the nozzle with your mouth while drinking from fountains, you can be in trouble. Rome takes the hygiene of tourists seriously.

6. Singing Or Playing Music In Public Transport

Singing or playing musical instruments in public transport like buses, trams and metros is illegal in Rome. Travellers need to follow this rule so that co-passengers do not feel disturbed.

7. Boozing In Public

Rome might have a happening nightlife but the authority isn’t okay with someone boozing in public. Cops aren’t sparing tourists who have been drinking on the streets at night. The city has also banned the formerly popular pub crawls.

8. Hanging Laundry Outside

If you hang your clothes for drying, be sure that they are out of the public eye. Or you might attract a fine of €100 ( around ₹8,051.42).

9. Attaching Lovelocks

Thought of proposing your bae by attaching a lovelock to a Roman bridge? Well, the city doesn’t allow you to do that anymore.

Things Illegal Rome
Picture Credits: Unsplash

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10. Flying A Drone

You can’t fly a drone when in Rome. Firstly, drones can destroy ancient structures if they fall on them. Secondly, there are risks related to spying on the government.

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