Rongali Bihu: 6 Traditional Assamese Jolpaan Items You Have To Make This Year

Eating a delicious food spread is the correct way to begin Rongali Bihu

by Ankita Mazumdar
Rongali Bihu: 6 Traditional Assamese Jolpaan Items You Have To Make This Year

Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu is one of the major festivals celebrated in Assam, India. It is the Assamese New Year and falls during the middle of April. This auspicious Indian festival is almost knocking at the door and New Year also means to indulge in gastronomical affairs of the traditional Assamese cuisine. The word ‘Jolpaan’ essentially means a mini version of a meal that is typically consumed as breakfast or brunch. Eating a delicious food spread is the correct way to begin Rongali Bihu, this year. Make sure to include the following traditional dishes.

Celebrate Rongali Bihu With These 6 Traditional Assamese Jolpaan Items

1. Til Pitha

This traditional Assamese dish mainly comprises Til, which is sesame seeds, jaggery and rice. It is like a crepe made from soaked and coarsely ground rice into a batter-like consistency. It is then rolled in with a filling prepared with til and jaggery. You can never have too many til pithas. We are sure you will also have a spoonful of this sweet filling before preparing this dish!

2. Bora Saul

This is sticky black rice, a staple in Assamese cuisine which can’t be skipped during Rongali Bihu. This special rice is known for its nutty flavour and antioxidant properties. For its usage in Jolpaan, Assam folks soak the rice overnight and then grind it to make a fine paste into a batter. With this batter, you may produce numerous other dishes like Pitha Guri which is hand-formed rice dumplings. 

3. Kholasapori Pitha

Kholasapori Pitha is a savoury pitha. It is a rice crepe made with nutritious veggies and you may alter vegetables as per your liking. It is one of the easiest traditional Assamese dishes to prepare. For the batter you just need, any guesses? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s rice! This dish is a common snack and is savoured with either freshly made chutney, ketchup or potato fries.

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4. Doi Seera

This is favoured by most of the Assamese for Rongali Bihu as it naturally helps to keep the human body cool during April. Doi is curd and Seera is flattened rice. This Jolpaan dish is deliciously prepared by blending thick curd and flattened rice and sweetened with jaggery. It is a must-try for a fulfilling breakfast option!

5. Ketli Pitha

It is also known as Tekeli Pita. At first, you might just call this traditional Assamese food, idli. Well, you are not wrong, it can easily pass as idli! But this idli originated in Assam, hence, the rice has jaggery and coconut mixed in it with an extremely little amount of water. This mixture is then steamed, bhapa, to reveal tasteful ketli pitha. This year for Rongali Bihu, eat this pitha preparation for Jolpaan and take a wonderful nap.

6. Sandah Guri

Another one of the traditional Jolpaan dishes for Rongali Bihu is Sandah Guri. In simple words, this dish is a porridge made with roasted rice flour. This delectable meal has rice, milk and ghee topped with loads of dry fruits. This can be your go-to Jolpaan dish as it is a wholesome meal full of nutrition that keeps you full for longer periods.

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So, which traditional and lip-smacking dish are you going to prepare for Rongali Bihu?

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