Royal Shooting Locations Of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story So That You Can Feel Royal!

by Shreya Ghosh
Royal Shooting Locations Of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story So That You Can Feel Royal!

Have you already binged on “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” at one go like me or are you waiting for the weekend to enjoy the historical drama? Streaming on Netflix, this is an epic love story and you will be a fan of this series if you enjoy watching dramas. The music, the cast, the royalty, and the glam presented in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story are simply extraordinary. Another aspect that will steal your attention is the alluring destinations. The locations are simply the lost piece of the puzzle that completes the entire breathtaking visual experience. Where has the drama been shot? Let’s find that out together!

These Are The Breathtaking Shooting Locations Of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

1. Buckingham House

Buckingham House, the royal abode of King George III sparks opulence and regal aura from all around. I won’t spoil the visual treat much for you but all I can say is get ready to bless your eyes with unbelievable architecture, paintings, and illustrious surroundings. The birthplace of Winston Churchill, the Blenheim Palace is the shooting location of the Buckingham House in this historical drama. To represent Buckingham House, many scenes were also shot at Belton House, Hampton Court Palace, and Hatfield House.

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2. Kew Palace

Kew Palace is the regal residence of Queen Charlotte in the show. To capture the magnificent scenes and add the perfect royal glory to the drama, the crew shot the scenes for Kew Palace at Belton House and Waddesdon Manor. The interior visuals were filmed at Belton House and the scenes shot outside of the queen’s abode were filmed in Waddesdon Manor.

3. St. James’s Palace

To shoot the scenes at St. James’s Palace in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, a couple of locations have been explored. The crew filmed several glorious shots at Hampton Court Palace, Goldsmiths’ Hall, Syon House, and Wilton House.

4. St. James’s Chapel

The marriage of King George III and Queen Charlotte looks absolutely spectacular in the show. The scenes of the chapel were filmed at Merton College. A teeny-tiny spoiler from the show; the royal couple had quite an interesting meeting before the wedding and those scenes have been filmed at Hatfield House.

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5. Danbury Villa

Remember Lady Danbury from Bridgerton? You will get to see a lot about her story in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. This show shows a transition of the Danbury household and before they stayed in a royal palace, they lived in the Danbury Villa, the Tudor mansion. Dorney Court is the shooting location of this mansion.

6. Danbury Estate

Danburys shift to a royal estate, the Danbury Estate in the show. To shoot the scenes of this estate, the crew chose Bath Assembly Rooms, Badminton Estate, and Hampton Court Palace as the locations.

7. Ledger Estate

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story takes you to the past life of Violet Ledger. She spent her childhood days at a luxurious villa, the Ledger estate. Firle Place is the filming location of this estate.

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8. Royal College Of Physicians

Doctors have a significant role in this drama and there are many scenes of doctors treating the patient. We won’t reveal who is the patient here. That’s for you to find out. The scenes of the Royal College of Physicians have been shot at Queen’s House in Greenwich.

9. Untere Schloss

Born in Germany, Queen Charlotte spent her childhood in Untere Schloss before marrying the King. Well, no need to travel to Germany, as the scenes were filmed in Ditton Manor and Wilton House.

10. Opera House

You will see Queen Charlotte spending a lot of time in the Opera House. Hackney Empire is the filming location for her opera outings.

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