Royal Stag For ₹17, BP For ₹40, Teacher’s For ₹87! Daaru Prices At Navy Officers’ Mess In Delhi Going Viral

navy officers' mess
by Shreya Ghosh 172

Be it any get-together or any occasion or just a weekend, these celebrations are incomplete without sipping on alcohol for many people. It can be just drinking a few pegs at home or maybe visiting a bar to sip on fancy cocktails. But sometimes the daaru plans get cancelled because of excessive cost and only someone who loves alcohol and drinks understands this issue. If you know any Navy officer, you must have heard someone else asking the officer to get some daaru as the alcohol prices are much lower at the Navy officers’ mess and a photo of one mess’ alcohol menu is making rounds on the Internet.

Alcohol Prices At Navy Officers’ Mess Is Surprising Tweeple

Twitterati is quite surprised to see a photo of the daaru menu of the Navy officers’ menu of Delhi. A Twitter user who goes by the username @AnantNoFilter shared a picture of the Navy officers’ menu. And the prices mentioned there are blowing many people’s minds. Let’s check out the prices!

Captioning, “My Bangalore brain cannot comprehend these prices”, he posted the picture that has garnered thousands of views and hundreds of likes. Many Netizens are shocked to see the prices and are asking for the name of this place.

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It is very common in fauji and military canteens for the alcohol prices to be this low. The reason behind such lower prices is that officers and personnel do not need to pay the central excise duty and they get alcohol and even grocery products quite cheaply. In comparison to the market value, the prices in the canteen are lesser than by about 10% to 15%.

Twitterati Are Sharing Their Experiences Too!

Many Netizens even wrote about how this is very common for faujis. They shared how this happens in every Navy officers’ mess in the country.

A Twitter user named Vijay Basrur talked about how he took his navy father-in-law out to a regular bar in Mumbai. And his FIL was very shocked to see the prices there.

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Have you ever had any such experiences before? Let us know your stories!

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay, Twitter/ Anant @AnantNoFilter