Man Disses Misal Pav And Netizens Are Not At All Happy!

misal pav
by Shreya Rathod 127

Every person in Maharashtra swears by the classic misal pav, a speciality. The spicy sprout curry topped with farsan and onion served alongside pav is worth a try. Every place has its special recipe, like Kolhapur misal, Puneri misal, Nashik misal and others. Every restaurant has its own method of making this delicious dish. Moreover, it is the most recommended dish to try in Maharashtra. However, this man has a different, yet strong opinion about this Maharashtrian delicacy. Take a look at what his Twitter comment about misal pav has caused.

Man Has Strong Opinion About Misal Pav


Credits: Bodhisattwa Majumder/ Twitter

Recently, a Twitter user, Bodhisattwa Majumder, posted a tweet about misal pav. It said that ‘misal pav is not a dish but just namkeen fallen in an oily ghooghni’. This was enough to create a list of replies and troll him. It seems that he is not very fond of this dish, and expressing his dissatisfaction on Twitter was necessary. The tweet has over three thousand views and a long list of replies filled with both positive and negative comments. Commenting on Maharashtra’s staple food has angered many misal lovers.

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Netizens On Twitter Start A Debate

This tweet has received many comments, especially from people who love misal. One of the users wrote that ‘the man was committing blasphemy’- a strong reaction, with a funny emoji. However, another comment was a recommendation of restaurants where he can try the dish and then form an opinion about it. While hitting the right feelings of Mumbaikars, one person wrote: ‘Misal pav is an emotion and not just a dish’. Though he respects the man’s opinion, this dish was created for mill workers, an experiment that led to this innovation. And, people have connected with it for a long time.

Regarding the ghooghni comment, one of the users wrote that ‘it makes the ghooghni better’. Interestingly, a few of them agreed that misal is no big deal, and it’s not even a dish. One of them commented that ‘he loves Bhajji pav but what is even a misal pav’.

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Well, these were people’s opinions about misal. What do you think about it? Comment below.

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