This Bakery Came Up With ‘Brahmin Cookie’ And Netizens ‘Caste’ It Aside

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Bakery Came Up With ‘Brahmin Cookie’ And Netizens ‘Caste’ It Aside

The thread ceremony is considered a significant ritual in Hindu Brahmin families. As part of this ceremony, Brahmin males are imparted secrets of the Veda by the guru. And then a ritual takes place where a sacred thread knotted in a specific manner is placed over the left shoulder. Recently, a bakery came up with a custom-made Brahmin cookie to commemorate a family’s thread ceremony. And this has gone viral — with Netizens pointing out that it reinforces casteism. Read on to know more.

Bakery Made Custom-Made Brahmin Cookie For Thread Ceremony

A bakery named Freddie’s Baking Studio recently prepared a custom order for ‘Brahmin cookies’ for a person’s thread ceremony. The custom-made cookies are oval-shaped showing a bare-bodied Brahmin man, with a shaven head and a choti, wearing the sacred thread on his shoulder. Twitterati, @chippdnailss tweeted the post by the bakery. In the caption, the baking studio revealed that the order was for Megha and her family. 

Freddie’s Baking Studio also revealed in its caption that transforming one’s traditions into a cookie is one of their favourite things to do. The bakery went on to urge Netizens to challenge them with their craziest cookie briefs —and they promise to crack it. Furthermore, the bakery informed they designed the Brahmin cookie for the client to offer as souvenirs during the thread ceremony.

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This Viral Post Started A Debate On Social Media

The post and pictures of the Brahmin cookies went viral on social media — as Netizens ‘caste’ this Brahmin cookie aside. While some called it ugly, others reprimanded the bakery for preparing cookies that reinforce casteism. One person joked about it looking like Tenali Rama. And another said he’d probably have to do havan before eating that.

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Meanwhile, what do you think about this Brahmin cookie? Would you give it a bite or ‘caste’ it aside? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: @chippdnailss/ Twitter