Royal Surprise! Prince William Serves Earthshot Burgers From A Food Truck In London

by Sanjana Shenoy
Royal Surprise! Prince William Serves Earthshot Burgers From A Food Truck In London

Britain’s Prince William likes to surprise diners at restaurants. Not long ago, he took bookings for an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, much to the amusement of the staff. And now, Prince William ended up giving a “royal surprise” to customers heading to a food truck for burgers. Curious to know their reactions? Read on!

Prince William Serves Burgers For A Cause!

The Prince of Wales teamed up with the founders of ‘Sorted Food’, a YouTube Channel with 2.7 million subscribers. Prince William collaborated with him to serve ‘Earthshot Burgers’ from a food truck. This was done to highlight the commendable efforts of last year’s winners of the annual Earthshot Prize.

This award is given to 5 people for their contributions to the environment. Earthshot burgers are plant-based burgers cooked in an environment-friendly and sustainable manner. In the viral video, customers head to the food truck run by Sorted Food chefs to place their orders. That’s when Prince William turns around to face them and serve them the burgers.

One customer even puts her hand in her mouth out of utter shock. He wishes them ‘Good Morning’ and tells them the ‘Earthshot Burgers’ are ready to go. The influential British figure goes on to add that the burgers are served in boxes built by Notpla. They don’t have any plastic and are made of seaweed coating.

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Customers Are Shocked To See Royalty At A Food Truck

Furthermore, he goes on to add that the ingredients used in the burger are grown by Kheyti, a company with a greenhouse in India. They are cooked on Mukuru Clean Stoves, designed by a woman in Kenya to reduce air pollution. He goes on to add that “everything that customers see is from the Earthshot award winners of last year”. The whole purpose of this prize is to empower people to repair and regenerate the planet.


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“Of all the things I was expecting, this was not it”, said a customer on spotting Prince William at the food truck. While he is not in charge of the taste, Kush and Ebbers are taking care of it, said Prince William. Also, the burgers are plant-based!

Folks, what did you think about this fun video of Prince William serving Earthshot burgers for a cause?

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