RTA Dubai Announces Completion Of Repairing 67 Footbridges; Installed 10 Electric Elevators in 2022

by Deeplata Garde
RTA Dubai Announces Completion Of Repairing 67 Footbridges; Installed 10 Electric Elevators in 2022

Dubai RTA has always been on their toes to maintain and preserve the public properties in the Emirates. As a component of enacting plans for the traffic safety strategy, Dubai RTA has finished maintaining 67 footbridges. This aims to provide a secure infrastructure for pedestrians. It includes 5 air-conditioned glazed bridges in various districts of Dubai in 2022.

Upkeep Of 67 Footbridges & Installation of Electric Elevators In Dubai

As a preventative step for the safety of footbridge facilities, the scope of maintenance work was completed over a full year. The project included the installation of 10 electric lifts for multiple bridges. These initiatives are the result of RTA’s desire to offer safe transit options for pedestrians. So they can cross the roadways quickly and safely by utilising the most recent management, upkeep, and sustainability techniques in regard to assets.

Dubai RTA has kept quality checks for such pedestrian bridges a top priority and has done several visits from last year. This is helping them set a standard process to work on such projects in the Emirates and provide quick and safe solutions in terms of public welfare.

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Maintenance Standards Created By Dubai RTA

Pic Credit: Media Library

The upkeep of the bridges is taken quite seriously by the Dubai RTA. And to have a successful analysis of the conditions of such footbridges, RTA uses high-tech instruments. This is to verify the exact ailment of the infrastructure. Devices such as vibration-measuring devices, temperature-measuring instruments, acoustic frequency-measuring devices, and others are included in this list.

Al-Shehhi, the director of Dubai RTA, commended the public for informing RTA of incidents they had seen on footbridges.  And also the other related facilities by using proper channels. By filing such reports, local residents and users of public transit demonstrate their awareness of traffic laws and customs. This in turn helps the following dedicated department to act accordingly on the issue. Also, their care for the safety of people and property on the public right-of-way and for Dubai’s visual appeal is quite visible through these actions.

The range of footbridge maintenance operations includes building, civil, and electromechanical works. Other jobs like painting, quality control of air-conditioning, light systems, elevators, fire safety and more are all-inclusive in maintenance.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Media Office