Russia Keen On Attracting Indians, Promotes Moscow Tourism. What Can Indian Travellers Expect?

by Shreya Rathod
Russia Keen On Attracting Indians, Promotes Moscow Tourism. What Can Indian Travellers Expect?

Located on the Moskva River, Moscow is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will get to see everything from Red Square to the marvellous Russian architecture. Recently, the authorities have made efforts to promote tourism in Moscow and attract tourists, especially Indian travellers!

Russia Is Promoting Moscow Tourism To Attract Indian Travellers

moscow indian travellers
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As it prepares to welcome business partners, visitors, and vacationers, the Moscow City Tourism Committee is advertising the city not just as a cultural capital but also as an economic powerhouse. In order to promote the city’s tourism potential, Moscow has organised business trips and hosted familiarisation tours for delegations from allied nations.

Moscow is enhancing its infrastructure to better serve tourists. While signs are now available in Chinese and English, all public transit announcements are now repeated in English. Hotels are also making adjustments to better serve travellers from other nations and ensure a comfortable stay.

According to Bulat Nurmukhanov, head of the international cooperation division of the Moscow City Tourism Committee, they are still working towards restoring the flow of Indian tourists to Moscow as it used to be before the pandemic.

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Visitors can stay in hotels in a range of pricing ranges in the city. They can indulge in authentic Indian delicacies and continental dishes that have been prepared to the finest standards, in addition to enjoying traditional Russian cuisine.

Facilities To Assist Tourists

moscow indian travellers
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As of August 1, 2023, visitors from India and 54 other nations can apply for an electronic visa to enter Russia, making travel to Moscow easier. Additionally, the Russian government intends to release a digital “Foreign Tourist Card” that will allow for cashless purchases for a variety of services. “Discover Moscow” is a navigation and travel website portal about Moscow, and “RUSSPASS travel service” is an online travel planning tool for Russia, both of which make it simple for visitors to get around the city.

Tourists can get all the necessary information for a trip to Moscow on the website by using the RUSSPASS travel service, including details on visa and currency requirements, lodging alternatives, and transportation choices in the city.

There are 10,000 cultural venues in Moscow, including theatres, museums, libraries, parks, movie theatres, concert halls, and more.

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Approximately 900 parks and green areas have undergone renovation in the last ten years.

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