Ryanair Passengers Would Need Permission To Use Toilets

by Suchismita Pal
Ryanair Passengers Would Need Permission To Use Toilets

Hoping that the government will lift restrictions on travel, Irish airline Ryanair is preparing to start about 40 percent of its flights in July. Before the coronavirus crisis, the airline was running about 2400 flights per day. It is now planning to resume its services by operating about 1000 flights a day, starting 1st July. However, for flight operations during the pandemic, Ryanair has laid out some new rules that all the passengers need to follow. As per the new set of rules, the travellers will have to seek permission from the cabin crew if they need to use the aircraft toilets. Read on.

What’s Happening?

Ryanair has recently uploaded a video on YouTube, stating the ‘Simple Guidelines for Healthy Flying’ to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They have asked the passengers to check-in online, download their boarding passes and check their temperatures before leaving home. Each passenger will have to undergo a thermal screening at the airport as well. Through the video, the airline has advised fliers to wear face masks, sanitize their hands and use self-service kiosks for bag check. Last but not the least, they have mentioned that queuing for toilets inside the flights will not be permitted. The passengers will have to request the flight attendants for lavatory access.

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What Else?

The sanitization personnel at Ryanair are cleaning the airplanes on a daily basis. A single cleaning is effective for more than 24 hours, as per the video. Also, all the flights are equipped with high-quality air filtration systems. Once the services resume, Ryanair will provide limited in-flight services and allow only cashless transactions. It has encouraged travellers to maintain social distancing onboard and at the airport premises.

Ryanair Airline
Ryanair Airline, YouTube

All passengers flying with Ryanair in July and August will need to provide details during check-in about the duration of their visits and their addresses while going to another EU (European Union) nation. This information will be sent to the EU governments to assist them in monitoring isolation regulations.

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Kudos to the Ryanair team for taking up such great initiatives to make travel as safe as possible amid the pandemic!