Sadhguru Shares Great Tips On Managing Many Things In Just 24 Hours

Managing time is a mistake that humans make!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sadhguru Shares Great Tips On Managing Many Things In Just 24 Hours

Kitna time hai? Bas 24 ghante! From the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, everyone around the world has 24 hours a day. Some people are great with time management and some are still struggling to get it right for themselves. On this Sunday Brunch episode, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, asked Sadhguru for his excellent time management skills and we have some outstanding tips for you. Scroll down to read it.

Sadhguru’s Thoughts On Managing Time

Kamiya was very curious to know how Sadhguru manages his time in a day with travelling, conferences, his yoga centre at Coimbatore and more. He educated us about how the first and foremost thing is to realise that the concept of time remains the same for each one of us. He called the aspect of managing time “a mistake” humans make on a regular basis!

Sadhguru highlighted that time rolls out at the same pace when you are sleeping or walking. It does not matter whether the work is important or not, the clock will tick away at a specific speed. He calls this a fair life because he believes that no one can manage time and there is no such thing as time management!

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What Are His Tips On Managing Things?

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We learnt that Sadhguru doesn’t believe in the concept of time management as there is more to it on a human level. He continued on the same topic and talked about how energies can be managed instead of time. He explained that if someone possesses high-level and dynamic energy, they can do a particular assignment in an hour rather than 10 hours as compared to someone with low-level energy.

This is how there are differences between the output of work. Quite an interesting take on the perception of time! Shifting our thoughts from managing time, which is constant, to modifying our energies for the betterment is a great way to look at life. Lastly, he told us that he never has detailed plans for the day, although, he makes sure he is showered, dressed well and is fit for the day.

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