Salons In Dubai Reopen With 50% Capacity

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Salons In Dubai Reopen With 50% Capacity

As part of Dubai’s gradual reopening, salons and barber shops in the city will now be open. However, all salons will be permitted only 50% capacity. In addition, services like spa, sauna, Moroccan bath, or massage will remain closed. No home service will be permitted.

All kids’s salons outside malls will also operate at 50% capacity. Salons must function based on appointments and ticketing system, follow social distancing, and ensure customer wear masks at all times. The facemask can however be adjusted during haircuts. The salon staff must necessarily wear face masks, face shield and overalls.
Furthermore, an adult, less than 60 years of age, can supervise a maximum of three children with only one aged between one and five. All waiting and seating areas inside and in front of the salon / barbershop must be removed. Customers must go through temperature screening. Strict penalties will apply to those who do not abide by the protocols.
The Dubai Municipality had urged all residents to avoid booking salon services at home. In a post on Instagram, Dubai Municipality said that salons across the city have been closed as a precautionary measure.

#DubaiMunicipality asks all citizens and residents not to request beauty home services. Remember that the temporary closure of men’s salons and women’s beauty centres is for the community’s safety,”said the post.

What Else?

Dubai has now resumed valet service, under strict regulations. Dubai Economy has made it mandatory for valet parking staff to change their gloves and sanitise their hands after every car valet service. In addition, valet parking staff should wear protective face shields if they come in direct contact with customers and guests. Wearing masks and gloves at all times is also a must.

Besides, cars must now use disposable covers for seats and steering wheels. In addition, each valet station should be equipped with sanitising wipes that are used to wipe down the steering wheel, gear stick and any other surface touched by the staff before handing over the car. Lastly, the valet attendant should also keep the air conditioner on for sometime before delivering the car back to the guests (while keeping the doors and windows open) to achieve the right amount of fresh air/circulation.

Fogging sanitation or special strong fans can also be used for ventilation purpose. The staff must undergo frequent temperature screening and refrain from coming to work if they show any symptoms of COVID-19.