Samosa Is Healthier Than Burger Say Experts & Here’s Why!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Samosa Is Healthier Than Burger Say Experts & Here’s Why!

Be it samosa or burger both are the famous snacks, super delicious and both are categorised as Junk food. We all have at some point felt a little guilty about having them, but we cannot stay away from scrumptious food no matter what, call it just little Indian things. Well, we have some news that will surely pull your guilt level to some extent. The Centre of Science and Environment says that Samosa is healthier than Burger. 

Samosa Wins The ‘Who Is Healthy?’ Battle

Samosa is way healthier than burgers because of its ingredients. There are no preservatives added and the snack is made out of fresh ingredients, unlike burgers. The ingredients like wheat flour, cumin, boiled potatoes, peas, salt, chillies and spices are all chemical-free making it healthier compared to a burger which is made out of pre-baked bread and Patti with bottles of mayo and sauces. A samosa has about 308 calories and a burger has somewhere between 295-500 calories depending on the cheese and mayo you add. 

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Oil Is The Unhealthy Factor

Dieticians say that when it comes to samosa, it’s not the fact that it is deep-fried but the oil used for frying it which makes it unhealthy. When you buy samosa from the roadside stalls, they tend to reuse the oil for frying samosa after the first batch multiple times which makes it unhealthy as the oil turns stale. Some of them also use hydrogenated oil which has transfatty acid in it. Samosa as a snack is free from additives, flavourants and preservatives which makes it healthy. 

So the next time you are hungry, go ahead and grab a freshly fried samosa instead of a burger and relish a guilt-free snack time. 

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