World’s Largest Samosa Was Made With 1000kg Potatoes And 400 Litres Oil

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
World’s Largest Samosa Was Made With 1000kg Potatoes And 400 Litres Oil

Samosa is one of those delicious snacks without which the Indian snack family will always be incomplete. You won’t find a single household where people do not relish samosas. A single piece of samosa is never enough. So, how about having a 153kg samosa? The world’s largest samosa weighed 153 kg and was made with 100kg of potato and 400 litres of oil. 

Claimed Guinness World Records 

At the East London Mosque, a team of Muslim Aid volunteers created a record by preparing the world’s largest samosa which weighed about 153.1 Kg. To make this enormous snack, 100 kg of potatoes, 44kg of flour and Indian spices and 25kg of onions were used. The samosa was made on a massive wire mesh and then was fried in a custom made fryer sourced by the team in 400 litres of oil. The giant samosa was made with the help of 12 volunteers and took about 15 hours. 

Adjudicator Spelled The Rules

The judges from Guinness World Records came in to watch the entire process and check if the enormous snack passed the requirements before naming it the world’s largest. Pravin Patel one of the adjudicators said that the samosa has to be triangular, contain all ingredients that a normal samosa has, must retain the shape after frying, should look and feel like samosa and should be edible to humans. The net weight was too important and also no wastage. 

Giant Samosa Was Distributed To The Homeless

Farid Islam who was the project organiser stated how his heartbeats were up and he imagined the worst when he saw a little crack. He said that initially, they thought it to be easy where they just have to gather ingredients, mix and fry them. But later they realised no pot could hold its weight and had to get things custom made. The samosa was made to express genoursity of Muslims during Eid and the samosa was later distributed to the homeless people near Whitechapel. 

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