Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Is Up For Grabs! Pre-Book It On & Get Benefits Worth ₹20,000

by Anupriya Mishra
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Is Up For Grabs! Pre-Book It On & Get Benefits Worth ₹20,000

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to hit the markets, then we have fantastic news for you! India’s largest electronics company, Samsung has amazing offers for customers pre-booking the Galaxy Z Flip5. Awesome, isn’t it? So, just read on to know why you should stop everything you’re doing and pre-order this new Flip device ASAP.

“Samsung is leading the mobile industry with innovations that set new standards of refinement and experience, thanks to our world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities. I am sure that our fifth generation of foldable smartphones — Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 — will see higher adoption from tech-savvy consumers in India. These phones will be manufactured at our Noida factory. We are confident that Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 will help us consolidate our smartphone leadership in the country,” said JB Park, President and CEO, Samsung SWA.

Galaxy Z Flip5 Has 3.78 Times Larger Outer Screen For An Immersive Experience!

Imagine this, you’re out on a dinner date with the love of your life, and you wish to capture the special moment. From the candle-lit romantic ambience to some romantic couple selfies, you’d want to hold on to these precious memories, won’t you? Well, this is exactly where the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is going to come to your rescue. After all, it’s replete with a host of brilliant new features that will make you want to get your hands on this cool new smartphone on the block.

Joining the Flip side with Samsung’s Flip phones is all about expressing yourself in a fashionably forward and stylish way. And, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 just elevates this very experience! Coming in Mint, Lavender, Cream and Graphite colours, these smartphones are bound to perfectly complement your outfit of the day. Be it a brunch by the beach or a black-tie event, the eye-catching colour of your phone is certainly going to turn heads in appreciation!

Moreover, the all-new Flip phone boasts an outer screen that is 3.78 times larger, which is absolutely brilliant! After all, it’ll make changing songs and navigating through notifications a lot easier!

Additionally, the larger outer screen lets you binge-watch your favourite content and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment wholeheartedly. And with the Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Window, you can watch YouTube videos, navigate GoogleMaps and multi-task effortlessly. This is especially the kind of escape you need while you’re stuck in the backseat of your cab in traffic snarls. So, it’s safe to say that the Flex Window lets you do it all!

Moreover, the phone also has cool Widgets where you can carry out multiple functions hassle-free. Whether it’s checking the weather before taking off to a new country, catching up on stock market updates, or even controlling the music playback while road-tripping, it’s the best multi-tasking companion you could wish for!

The New Foldable Takes Your Photography & Viewing Experience To Higher Levels!

Trust the Galaxy Z Flip5 to offer unrivalled foldable experiences. To amp up your photography game, the new Samsung device has FlexCam where you can capture stunning hands-free photos from creative angles. The best part is that you can quickly view and edit your shots in Flex Mode. You can flex your high-quality selfies thanks to the phone’s larger Flex Window.

The Nightography feature on the Galaxy Z Flip5 ensures you capture the best photos in ambient lighting. Even in low light, the photos captured on the phone look amazing as the AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm corrects visual noise and enhances colour tones. So, this means that if you’re taking a stroll on a moonlit beach and want to capture the mesmerising scenery, all you’ve got to do is flip out your Galaxy Z Flip5.

As a trustworthy companion in our fast-paced lives, the Galaxy Z Flip5 has fast charging. So, you can charge your phone in a jiffy (especially on those long road trips to the hills or before entering a client meeting) and let nothing stop you from expressing yourself in the best possible way! After all, who wouldn’t want to share their travel journey captured beautifully with the world to see?

Did you know this fantastic new Samsung device also offers a cool feature called FlexCam? So, what this basically means, is that if you and your group want to click a group selfie, you can do so, hands-free and that too from creative angles. For instance, you’ve taken that much-needed trip to Goa with your squad, so to document the trip, you’re obviously going to click tonnes of pictures. This is where the FlexCam comes in handy, making it easier for you to get snapping selfies with your group from creative angles!

Not to mention, they’ve also introduced a feature called Flex Mode, which is definitely worth flexing! So, with this mode, you no longer have to even open the phone for checking texts. And you can also click gorgeous hands-free selfies, documenting your food and travel adventures, easily.

Pre-Book The New Phone On & Get Benefits Up To ₹20,000

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s tell you that pre-booking the Galaxy Z Flip5 has already begun in India. So, till August 17, you can pre-book the new phone through and Flipkart and grab amazing offers on it. What are the offers up for grabs?

Well, you can get benefits of up to ₹20,000. These benefits include an upgrade of ₹12,000 and a cashback of ₹8000. Also, you can purchase the phone at a cost EMI option of up to 9 months.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to upgrade your phone and pre-book the new Galaxy Z Flip5 here!

Cover image courtesy: Internal