Sania Mirza Craved Mirchi Bhajias When She Was Pregnant | Curly Tales

by Sanmita A
Sania Mirza Craved Mirchi Bhajias When She Was Pregnant | Curly Tales

The world champion, Sania Mirza, invited Curly Tales, Chief Editor, Kamiya Jani, for a Sunday brunch at her Dubai home. Sania prepped the brunch table with a delicious spread of Hyderabadi meal. From Biryani, haleem, bhajias to kebabs, Sania was a brilliant host. At the same time, Sania spoke to Kamiya about her favourite meals, her journey in motherhood and how much she craved Mirchi bhajias during pregnancy. Read on to know more about the world’s favourite tennis player!

Not Meat, But Sania Craved Mirchi Bhajias During Pregnancy

In a candid chat with Kamiya Jani on the recent Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales ME episode, Sania Mirza revealed how she didn’t have any craving for meat or chicken but Mirchi Bhajias all the time. Speaking about the kind of food prepped in the house, Sania says, “They (Hindustani & Pakistani food) are quite both similar, but we have a lot of dosas at home. Because Izhaan loves dosa. Normally, we all are on a diet.”

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Sania’s Fridge Is Stocked Up With These Items


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Kamiya Jani asked Sania Mirza about the items always available in her fridge. Sania replies, “We always have like alternate milk because I am dairy-free. So, we always have oat milk or almond milk. And we always have, which shouldn’t be in an athlete’s fridge, but we always have plain Dairy Milk chocolate, always in our fridge. Because our son loves it.” She also speaks about her idea of a Sunday Brunch. Saniya tells Kamiya, “It’s my day to actually eat whole-heartedly and cheat as much as I want.”

There’s more about Sania Mirza’s food and travel preferences that you must know. Watch the full episode of Sunday Brunch With Sania Mirza on Curly Tales ME.

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