Santa Claus Really Lives In The North Pole? Nah! 4 Homes Of Santa Claus From Around The World

Ho Ho Ho! Santa welcomes you to his home just like you invite him with cookies and milk. Ho Ho Ho!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Santa Claus Really Lives In The North Pole? Nah! 4 Homes Of Santa Claus From Around The World

The sweet smell of cinnamon, hot chocolate, cosy blankets, marshmallows, and Christmas jingles is an indication that the Christmas season is here. And so is Santa Claus! We get it; it’s the holiday season! Did you know where Santa Claus lives? No, it isn’t the North Pole, just as the classic story goes. Sorry to burst your bubble, though. Wait, it’s chilly outside; was your bubble crystallised? Anyway, let’s get to know about places Santa Claus lives around the world.

These Are Santa Claus’ Homes Around The World

It is typically a stereotype when people say Santa Claus lives in a winter wonderland. The snow is so deep that they can’t travel much due to the snow. Therefore, he goes out with his reindeer and sleigh. However, it doesn’t always have to be a winter wonderland at the North Pole.

1. Turkey

Let’s roll back to the time when Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) was a living-breathing man. He was also known as Saint Nicholas of Myra; the popular legend is based on him. You will be surprised to know the first place Santa Claus is originally from, as it’s the opposite of a winter wonderland. During the 4th century, he lived in Myra, which was in Lycia and the current location points to Demre, Turkey. He was believed to be the city’s bishop and was buried in the Myra church.

(We hope no kid is reading this!) Around the 1100s, his bones were stolen by Italian sailors from his grave and taken to Bari. In turn, this situation popularised him and churches were built to honour him. Now, his bones are found in many different places.

2. New York

With time, there were many places where North Poles popped up. Yes, they were themed and became an attraction for the kids. In 1949, Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole became one of the first places to exist that revolved around Santa Claus. It is a very pretty themed fantasy park built by businessman Julian Reiss and designer Arto Monaco. Their daughter wanted to go to Santa’s village so they brought it to her.

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3. Finland

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland in Finland. It turned to ashes after World War II. Later, it was rebuilt from the ground and that is when it became another one of Santa Claus’ homes. It is said that Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States, wanted to see Santa Claus while visiting Rovaniemi. Instead, she got a Santa Claus Village, a fully functional place. The Santa Claus Main Post Office there is functional and even has a unique postmark. It is still very popular and attracts a huge footfall.

4. Alaska

There is a Santa Claus house in the North Pole, opened by Con and Nellie Miller. Con was into fur trading and had a habit of wearing a red fur suit during the holidays. He was named the local Santa Claus. Slowly and steadily, the house gained more of a Christmas-y vibe, which is now a tourist attraction. A great thing about Santa Claus House is that they write letters to kids around the globe.

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Which one are you going to visit this Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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