Saree Not Sorry! Woman Goes Kiteboarding Wearing A Saree & Stuns The Internet

by Shreya Ghosh
Saree Not Sorry! Woman Goes Kiteboarding Wearing A Saree & Stuns The Internet

Indian women love to wear sarees. With our busy lifestyle, it gets hectic to wear sarees every day for many women. But there are so many who gracefully wear a saree every day and flaunt the pretty traditional sarees beautifully. Well, there are many adventure enthusiasts who experience the best of thrilling activities by donning 12 yards sarees. We just came across a woman kiteboarding in a saree and we cannot take our eyes off her.

This Scuba Instructor Blew Our Minds With Her Kiteboarding Video

Katya Saini mesmerised us with her excellent skills in kitesurfing in a recent video. Donning a yellow saree, she indulged in this adventurous activity.


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Katya is a scuba diving instructor and kite instructor by profession. Her videos of exploring the mesmerising water world and the depths of oceans are truly fascinating.

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In this video, Katya shows the entire process of getting ready and gearing up before kiteboarding in the waters. As shown in the video, she buckles up by tying the kiteboard to her waist, pumps it up, and takes it to the ocean before showing her magic. According to a report by News 18, she performed kiteboarding at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. She shared the video captioning that she is promoting kiteboarding in India.

Netizens Are Impressed By Katya’s Skills & This Video

Picture credit- Katya Saini Instagram (@katyasaini)

It has been about a week since she uploaded this video and it has already taken the Internet by storm. Shared on 10 July, the video is about to cross 3 million views. The video has garnered more than 234K likes with thousands of comments and shares. Instagram users are simply in love with her excellent presentation and mind-blowing skills. Most people are praising her for doing such amazing stunts wearing a saree.

On the other hand, there are also some Netizens who pointed out that attempting something like kiteboarding wearing a saree can be dangerous. Some pointed out that she is not thinking about the safety aspect while doing this adventurous activity.

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We are absolutely impressed by Katya. What about you? Did you enjoy this video of kiteboarding in a saree? Have you ever tried any such adventurous activity before?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Katya Saini (@katyasaini)