Sassoon Docks Leased Out For Eateries In Mumbai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Sassoon Docks Leased Out For Eateries In Mumbai

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The oldest docks in the city, Sassoon docks is leasing out buildings to open up eateries & coffee shops in order to boost tourism.

What Is It?

Sassoon Docks is one of the oldest docks in the city located in Colaba, South Mumbai. It also boasts one of the largest fishing markets which was constructed in the mid-1870s. The Mumbai Port Trust plans to lease out four buildings with an area of 10,000 sq ft for a period of 30 years to open up eateries and hence, upgrade the area.

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What’s In It?

The leased out structure will help in supporting the infrastructure of Sassoon Dock which will attract tourists flocking in the area and finding great spots like coffee shops, restaurants, air-conditioned fish market, auction hall, amphitheatre and fish museum.

The building will be leased out to whoever offers the highest premium, over and above the base lease rent. The base rent for the structures covered under subject tender is ₹1.82 crore per annum, with an escalation of 4 per cent per annum.

It will certainly bring in a lot of scope for business, the entire area is being revamped in two phases by the Fishing Corporation.

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Where: Sassoon docks, Colaba, South Mumbai

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