Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom Has Announced A New ‘All In One’ Visa. Deets Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom Has Announced  A New ‘All In One’ Visa. Deets Inside!

Thanks to the creation of an “all-in-one” visa, there will be more tourists visiting Saudi Arabia. Now that friends can travel to Saudi Arabia to conduct the Umrah, see the nation, and take part in cultural events and activities, Saudi nationals can extend invitations to friends. A personalized visit request on the visa website is all it takes for this to happen.

Visit Request From Your Saudi Friend Can Help You Explore The Country

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Saudi citizens can be a big help to outsiders now. All it would take is to apply for a request, filling a form and check in via the unified national platform. The request will then be handled, and a “personal visit visa document” with the requested information will be produced.
With this new initiative by the Saudi government, tourists can perform Umrah, and seek participation in other events.

The ministry added that after completing the application form you need to deliver the application and passport to the Saudi embassy or consulate in the nation where the visitor resides. Invitees can pay the fees and health insurance at service centres or the consulate.

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The New Visa Is A Part Of The Initiative To Boost Tourism In Saudi

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In accordance with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the ministry emphasised that this measure is a component of measures to boost the tourism of the region. Once the request has been processed and a “personal visit visa document” has been given, the information may be checked using the invitation application inquiry service. Additionally, it stated that users could check the status of previously submitted requests by entering into the visa platform, selecting the inquiry icon, selecting the appropriate information, and then hitting the inquiry icon.

So if you have friends or family in Saudi, you know what to do!

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