Saudi Arabia Has Issued Over 2 Million Umrah Visas In The Last 3 Months

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia Has Issued Over 2 Million Umrah Visas In The Last 3 Months

The Umrah visa was extended to three months for visitors from all over the world by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Sunday, October 2. On July 30, 2022, the new Umrah season began for pilgrims both inside and outside the Kingdom. Since then, there have been roughly 2 million visitors overall. This data originates from the allotment of Umrah visas in three months.

Saudi Welcomes 2 Million Umrah Pilgrims

The pilgrims participated in Umrah from across 176 countries around the world this year. Pilgrims usually depend on the agents or travel companies that provide package deals for Umrah. The package comprises all the services from departure to arrival at the mosque. They ensure your safe passage to your home country after the completion of Umrah.

The estimated of number of pilgrims visiting the Prophet’s Mosque reached around 40 Billion in the first quarter of 2022.

Why Do You Need A Saudi Visa For Umrah?

Some nations typically waive the visa requirement for stays up to a certain length of time. As a result, there is perpetual uncertainty regarding the visa need. All visitors to Saudi Arabia must have a valid passport and a visa, in accordance with the country’s regulations, regardless of their intended purpose. Notably, a Saudi Arabia visa application is mandatory. Indian citizens can enquire for detailed information about the country from the  Saudi Arabian embassy.

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Umrah Visas Requirements

Umrah Visa
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Here’s a quick list informing you about the requirements for Umrah Visa Application.

1. Application Form
2. Passport Size Photocopies
3. Valid Passport For 6 months from the date of application
4. Proof Of Tickets(non- refundable)
5. Health Insurance
6. Proof of meningitis vaccine of fewer than 3 years duration

These are the mandatory documents required to apply for Umrah Visa.

More than 10 Million pilgrims are expected to visit for the new season of Umrah.

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