Saudi Arabia Announces New Umrah Rules For Female Pilgrims

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia Announces New Umrah Rules For Female Pilgrims

Muslims can do Umrah, a sacred journey, at any time of the year to bolster their spirituality and find tranquilly. It has a set of norms for both men and women. A male guardian or mahram must accompany women, according to previous legislation. But the latest law suggests that female pilgrims no longer require a male guardian or Mahram to perform Umrah.

Latest Update Regarding Female Pilgrims Performing Umrah Ended A Controversy

According to a former advisor to the Hajj Minister, allowing women to perform Umrah without the requirement of a male relative makes life easier for them. As they already have so challenges and live in difficult social circumstances. This might result in difficulty to find a mahram or it may be expensive while they are eager to perform Umrah.

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Kingdom Declared Removal Of Health Requirements For Egyptians

Female pilgrims
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The country is removing all health requirements for Egyptian Umrah pilgrims as per a request from King Salman. This statement came into force by Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah’s announcement. The Minister of Hajj and Umrah spoke about it at the Saudi embassy in Cairo.

He also mentioned the efforts made by the monarchy to digitise services for individuals wishing to visit the Two Holy Mosques and to introduce and employ current technologies.

Hence, apart from the declaration of revised rules for female pilgrims, these are the latest updates regarding Umrah.

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