Saudi Nationals Can Now Travel Visa-Free To 3 Balkan Countries Given They Already Have This Visa!

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Nationals Can Now Travel Visa-Free To 3 Balkan Countries Given They Already Have This Visa!

Vacation plans are always started on the note of securing a visa. But what if we tell you that you won’t need one if you already secured a multiple-entry visa earlier? Yes, it’s true! Saudi Nationals can now enter three Balkan countries by this year’s end without the need for visas to the specific countries. So what are you waiting for? Saudi Nationals, plan an itinerary and take a trip to Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro now!

Saudi Nationals Can Now Fly To These 3 Countries Without The Need For A Specific Visa

2023 is proving to be a beneficial year for Saudi Citizens it seems. From new tourism attractions to visa-free countries invite Saudi Nationals are enjoying the perks at large. Up until the end of 2023, Saudi citizens can travel to the following nations without a country-specific visa, according to the Saudi Embassy in Tirana. Let’s classify the countries for a better understanding.

1. Albania

Saudi citizens can go to Albania without a visa up until the end of December (31st) of the current year.

2. Kosovo

Similarly, Saudi Nationals can plan a vacation to Kosovo throughout the year starting now.

3. Montenegro

Up until October 31 of next year, Saudi nationals will also be permitted admission into Montenegro without obtaining a visa, but only if they visit and leave as part of a tour group.

There’s one condition to enter this country though! The requirement that Saudi nationals must take a direct flight from Saudi Arabia to enter Montenegro is another need for entry. Proof of paid lodging expenses and a return ticket to the Kingdom must be accompanied by tourists.

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Only Applicable For Existing Schengen, UK Or US Visa Users

Saudi Nationals
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But there’s a common link between entering these three countries. The embassy underlined that citizens may enter the three countries indicated above with a Schengen visa, a US visa, a UK visa, or an Australian visa. We ain’t done yet! These above-mentioned visas are eligible only when they are multiple-entry and have been used already.

So if you already possess this mentioned visa you can cut the chase and directly fly to the above-mentioned Balkan nations from Saudi.

We believe it’s a profitable deal for Saudi tourists planning a quick trip overseas this year.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images