Schengen Visa: UAE Citizens To Face A Price Hike This Year; Here’s All About It!

Potential increase in Schengen visa fees for Non-EU travellers.

by Deeplata Garde
Schengen Visa: UAE Citizens To Face A Price Hike This Year; Here’s All About It!

Travellers from non-EU countries eyeing a European escapade might soon find their journey slightly costlier if proposed changes to Schengen visa fees are implemented. The European Commission is considering raising the cost of Schengen visas for adults from approximately Dhs315 to Dhs355 and for children from around Dhs155 to Dhs175. This adjustment aims to reflect the evolving administrative expenses associated with processing visa applications.

Proposed Visa Fees Hike

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Additionally, nations deemed to have shown insufficient cooperation on readmission may face even steeper fees. For these countries, the proposed adult visa fee could soar from around Dhs475 to approximately Dhs535, with children’s fees increasing from about Dhs630 to around Dhs710. Such measures target countries that have exhibited reluctance to accept the return of individuals expelled from Schengen member states.

Affected Travellers & Exemption For UAE

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Travellers from countries like India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, who rely on Schengen visas due to the absence of EU and Schengen’s 90-day visa-free rule, may be impacted by the proposed fee adjustments. Fortunately, citizens of the UAE are exempt from these changes, as they enjoy visa-free access to the Schengen area for up to 90 days.

Consultation Period and Potential Timeline

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The European Commission has presented the draft proposal for public feedback until Friday, March 1. This open consultation period allows EU citizens to voice their opinions on the proposed adjustments. If approved, the new fees could come into effect in the coming months. This prompts potential travellers to expedite their visa applications to save on costs.

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Stability In Visa Extension Fees

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Visa extension fees are likely to remain unchanged, hovering around the Dhs115 mark. Individuals seeking to prolong their stay in the Schengen area can anticipate stability in this aspect of the visa process.

As discussions around Schengen visa fee adjustments unfold, non-EU travellers are advised to stay informed. Also, Emiratis start planning your European travels accordingly. With potential changes on the horizon, securing visas sooner rather than later could offer financial benefits amidst evolving administrative landscapes.

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