Ser Bhum Tso Resort In Ladakh Offers Mesmerising Views Of The Pangong Lake

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Ser Bhum Tso Resort In Ladakh Offers Mesmerising Views Of The Pangong Lake

You’ve probably seen Pangong Lake in movies or television shows, and many of you have probably seen it in person. Isn’t it beautiful? Imagine a stay overlooking this natural wonder. Surreal! Well, Ser Bhum Tso Resort in Ladakh offers you this exact experience. The unforgettable stay is surrounded by snow-capped mountains near Pangong Lake.

Ser Bhum Tso Resort In Ladakh

The Ser Bhum Tso Resort is nestled beautifully in Spangmik near Pangong Lake. The location of the hotel is simply surreal, as it faces the Pangong Lake while behind it stand majestic snow-capped mountains. The resort has a total of 20 rooms. Six of these rooms face the lake, while the other four are mountain-facing.

Many people stay in camps near Pangong Lake, but those who are not as adventurous in nature can choose to stay at this resort and enjoy the experience. The resort is a perfect blend of comfort and luxury in one place. The resort offers you a much-needed escape with the most gorgeous views.

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The Famous Ladakhi Cuisine

The first floor of the resort has a peaceful atmosphere. This serene place is your dining space, where you can unwind with your loved one while enjoying delectable cuisine and a calm vibe. Ser Bhum Tso Resort serves its guests lavish local Ladakhi cuisine. They also serve a continental buffet dinner. The menu alters every single day to give you variety.

Every delectable dish, be it in the Ladakhi cuisine or the Continental cuisine, is made using the best and freshest ingredients. The resort houses the world’s highest bamboo restaurant. They also have a meditation centre where you can meditate in serenity. They also have doctors and oxygen cylinders just a call away.

Ser Bhum Tso Resort
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

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