Tourists Visiting Ladakh Mandatorily Need Prior Permission To Stay Near Pangong Lake

by Sanmita A
Tourists Visiting Ladakh Mandatorily Need Prior Permission To Stay Near Pangong Lake

Ladakh is an adventurer’s paradise and at this point, tourists from across the country are thronging the place to enjoy the snow-clad mountains, picturesque monasteries and soothing lakes. Considering the tourists and their growing numbers, Ladakh’s tourism authorities have directed tourists planning a stay near Pangong Lake to only visit after making the required bookings. According to reports, tourists in Ladakh are having a difficult time finding accommodation.

Scarce Accommodation Near Pangong Lake

The limited accommodation near Pangong Lake is due to the area’s tourist appeal. The area around Pangong Lake is also a notified wildlife sanctuary, contributing to the limited accommodation issue. Tourism authorities have clearly asked visitors to avoid travelling without prior booking.

To further ensure visitors’ safety and security, authorities have also notified them to book their conveyance and travelling well in advance.

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48 Hours Of Acclimatisation Mandatory For Tourists

Ladakh Tourism had also advised tourists to not travel to high-altitude areas such as Khardongla, Changla, Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri, Penzela etc., before 48 hours from the time of landing/arrival at Leh. This was made mandatory after a majority of tourists had mountain sickness. Reports also suggest that tourists’ death due to altitude-related complications were higher as compared to other years.


How To Begin Your Trip In Ladakh?

As tourists, and not being accustomed to the high altitude weather, it is necessary to begin your travel carefully. Start by visiting Leh city, the Indus valley and the Sham region, as they won’t you affect much during the acclimatisation period. As for places at a higher altitude like the serene Pangong Lake, it is best you visit after three-four days of acclimatisation. Reportedly, the mountain sickness while going there can be very high, so travelling to those places only after passing a certain period of time is a good decision.

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