Set The Mood Of Your Halloween Party With The Trending CharSPOOKerie Board

by Vinita Jain
Set The Mood Of Your Halloween Party With The Trending CharSPOOKerie Board

As the days get shorter and the nights longer and colder, the scariest and most fun day of the year has arrived! Yes, we’re talking about Halloween 2022. You might’ve prepared your whimsical and spooky Halloween party invites, memorable costumes, and decorative ideas, but what about Halloween-themed dishes? Let’s tell you all about the CharSPOOKerie board, that will set the mood this Halloween.

A Super Cute Yet Spooky CharSPOOKerie Board


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CharSPOOKerie board is a trendy twist on the charcuterie board. It includes spooky candies, and even adorable pumpkin or skeleton decorations.

CharSPOOKerie board is currently trending on social media. So, people are sharing different ways to make this. But we got our eyes on @erinperry’s spooky board. Check it out!!

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She used a coffin-shaped chalkboard to display snacks, taking them to a whole new spooky level. Then she added crackers, strawberries, cheese, etc. Finally, she finished it with a skull and bony hand garnish.

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Double Double Toil & Trouble Says Emily’s CharSPOOKerie Board

@cheeseboardqueen also shared a weird yet aesthetically-pleasing picture of a CharSPOOKerie board. She captioned the picture “I’ve dusted off my book of spells and brewed up a creepy, crawly #charSPOOKerie board for my favorite ghouls and ghosts.” Emily also shared her quick recipe to make a CharSPOOKerie board at home. Take a look!!

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So, we believe now you’re sorted for Halloween. Do set the mood of your Halloween party with a dark monochromatic colour palette featuring a variety of charcuterie and mismatched jams, crackers, and nuts.

Cover image courtesy: @cheeseboardqueen Instagram